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Move in/out

$400 Starting at

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Moveout/In/Turnover  (This price includes 2 beds, 2 baths, 1 living space, 1 kitchen with interior appliances, and cleaning of interior cabinets, closets, and windows throughout).

In all bedrooms, living spaces, hallways & common areas, these tasks will be completed: 

  • Perimeter swept for cobwebs

  • Door molding dusted

  • Vents and floor vents cleaned 

  • Molding & corners dusted

  • Ceiling fans dusted as needed, if reachable

  • Light Fixtures dusted

  • Tabletops/desks dusted & wiped clean (move and wipe under items as needed)

  • Furniture, mirrors, frames & accessories dusted & cleaned

  • Baseboards dusted and wiped clean 

  • Spot clean points of contact cleaned (light switches, door knobs)

  • Window sills wiped clean

  • Windows Wiped Clean

  • Wipe Clean All walls 

  • Furniture and garbage removed from the premises if indicated by property manager 

  • Floors edged & vacuumed & mopped, stuck on spots hand removed if needed

  • Garbage cans cleaned is applicable

  • Overall room appearance neat & tidy

  • Laundry en suite washer and dryer dusted, wiped, & floor washed (upon request) 

  • If Possible Washer and Dryer pulled out and cleaned behind for turnovers

In all bathrooms, these tasks will be completed: 

  • Exterior of light fixtures dusted, if reachable

  • Vents cleaned 

  • Mirrors & outside of medicine cabinet cleaned

  • Towel bar & toilet paper holder wiped clean

  • Soap dish & toothbrush holder cleaned

  • Vanity top cleaned – items removed & replaced

  • Cabinets and walls wiped down

  • Interior Cabinets and drawers wiped out

  • Sink scrubbed & washed

  • Tub & shower area scrubbed & washed

  • All Hard water build up, soap scum, and mildew/mold treated 

  • All Chrome and Fixtures polished

  • Toilet scrubbed & washed (including base & behind)

In the kitchen and any bar areas, these tasks will be completed: 

  • ALL Backsplash cleaned & splatter free

  • Remove grease build up around kitchen, especially in grease traps and above cabinets, and around stove.

  • Kitchen cupboards cleaned inside & out

  • Cabinets and hardware cleaned/polished

  • Exterior of all appliances on counters wiped clean, 

  • Coffee pot grounds emptied and coffee pot cleaned

  • Counters cleaned – all items removed & replaced, if possible (uncluttered)

  • Oven Range cleaned

  • interior of microwave cleaned 

  • Fridge pulled out and cleaned behind if possible

  • Inside of fridge cleaned (shelves & drawers, freezer cleaned but not defrosted)

  • Outside of fridge cleaned

  • Stove pulled out and cleaned behind if possible

  • Inside of stove cleaned (stove door, interior racks, & warming drawer)

  • Outside of stove cleaned 

  • Outside of dishwasher cleaned

  • Faucet and sink cleaned 

  • Hardwater spots treated

Add-On Services- please request prior to appointment

  • Blinds dusted, if sturdy

  • Carpet Cleaning

Finally, before our team leaves your home, we check these key safety areas: 

  • Stove/oven is off

  • Door locked, if required

  • Pets are safe

  • Windows closed/left as found

  • Toilets not running

  • All Faucets are off

  • HVAC Set Accordingly

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