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Basic Residential Clean


2 - 3 hours

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Maintenance Clean

(Basic Package start off at $95 and Includes 1 Bed, 1 Bath, 1 Kitchen, and 1 Living space)

In all bedrooms, living spaces, hallways & common areas, these tasks will be completed: 

  • Bed made (Bedding can be changed if fresh linens are provided for an additional fee)

  • Furniture, mirrors, frames & accessories dusted & cleaned

  • Spot clean points of contact cleaned (light switches, door knobs)

  • Ceiling fans dusted as needed, if reachable

  • Molding & corners dusted

  • Door molding dusted

  • Baseboards dusted 

  • Tabletops/desks dusted & wiped clean

  • Floors vacuumed & mopped

  • Garbage emptied, exterior of can wiped down, bag replaced

  • Overall room appearance neat & tidy

  • Laundry en suite washer and dryer dusted, wiped, & floor washed (upon request)

In all bathrooms, these tasks will be completed: 

  • Tub & shower area scrubbed & washed

  • Sink scrubbed & washed

  • Toilet scrubbed & washed (including base & behind)

  • Mirrors & outside of medicine cabinet cleaned

  • Soap dish & toothbrush holder cleaned

  • Vanity top cleaned – items removed & replaced

  • Towel bar & toilet paper holder wiped clean

  • Exterior of light fixtures dusted, if reachable

In the kitchen and any bar areas, these tasks will be completed: 

  • Counters cleaned – all items removed & replaced, if possible (uncluttered)

  • Dishes washed and loaded into dishwasher

  • Faucet and sink cleaned 

  • Backsplash cleaned spot cleaned

  • Kitchen table cleaned & organized

  • Outside of fridge cleaned

  • Outside of stove cleaned

  • Outside of dishwasher cleaned

  • Exterior of all appliances on counters wiped clean, interior of microwave cleaned 

Add-On Services- please request prior to appointment

  • Blinds dusted, if sturdy

  • Inside of fridge cleaned (shelves & drawers, freezer cleaned but not defrosted)

  • Inside of stove cleaned (stove door, interior racks, & warming drawer)

  • Inside washer and dryer cleaning

  • Inside of dishwasher cleaned

  • Kitchen cupboards cleaned inside & out

  • Organize kitchen cupboars

  • Clean & organize linen closet

  • Clean & organize front hall closet

  • Clean & organize bedroom closet

  • Wash, dry, sort, & fold laundry (2 load maximum per visit)

  • Carpet Cleaning

If there are other tasks you would like completed, just ask! We do our best to customize our cleaning to your home's needs if they are outside of the above listed tasks. 

Finally, before our team leaves your home, we check these key safety areas: 

  • Stove/oven is off

  • Door locked, if required

  • Pets are safe

  • Windows closed/left as found

  • Toilets not running

  • All Faucets are off

  • HVAC Set Accordingly

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